How to Raise Infinite’s MV Youtube Views

Incognito helps in increasing the mv views.

1. Use Google Chrome. Go to Chrome Web Store. Type ‘Easy auto refresh’ on the search bar.


2. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.


3. Click ‘Add’.


4. Type ‘AdBlock’ on the search bar. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. And click ‘add’.

4 5

5. Now to allow these extensions on incognito mode, click the ‘customize and control google chrome’ then ‘more tools’ then ‘extensions’.


6. Tick the ‘allow in incognito’ boxes of the adblock and easy auto refresh extension.

8 9

7. To start using the incognito mode of your browser, (Ctrl+Shift+N). You will be directed to this page which means you’re in incognito mode already.


8. Now open Infinite’s Bad MV on Youtube. Click the easy auto refresh button and set the time to how many seconds infinite’s MV is because you need to watch the full MV so the views will be counted. (set it to 216) Then click start. Easy auto refresh will refresh the page after the MV ends then it will automatically play again and without the ads. This will help in increasing Infinite’s MV views.

Keep on streaming! ^^


Or you can use this PLAYLIST with 200 of bad mv. (cr. Deer Rabbit)

– Stream the MV only from the official site (woolliment). Music Shows do not count the views from 1theK’s channel so make sure to watch it on woollim’s official chanel.
– You must be logged in.
– Stream in 720p or above.
– Watch the full MV, 30 secs doesn’t count.
– Do not just ‘REPLAY’ or ‘REFRESH’ the page because it will be considered as spam.
– Set the volume 50% or above. Don’t MUTE it!
– TIP: Create a playlist of the official MV of Infinite and let the playlist play on loop. Make sure you clear your history/cookies every once in a while so that each view will still count.
– Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the MV!

NOTE: Dont use any trick on streaming the MV (like using the looping for vids) because it will just reduce the MV views!

(cr. @gyuyomizizi of Infinite_Biased)


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