How to create Naver acc & get free streaming pass

Naver has an event where you can get free streaming packs. You need a naver acc and naver music app. The event is still on going so you might want to get free streaming packs to stream Infinite’s songs and help them get digital points.

How to create a Naver acc:

1. Go to Click ‘회원가입’


2. Agree with the terms and conditions.


3. Fill in with your information.

ID – must me 5 – 20 lowercase letters and numbers. You can use (_) or (-).
Password – 6 – 16 character, numbers or special characters.


After you create your account, you need to have the ‘Naver Music’ app to get free streaming packs. It is different with the ‘Naver’ app. Try searching it on your app store. If it not avaible in your country you can download the apk file here: Naver Music APK

4. Now log in with your naver acc on your naver music app. You can get free streaming packs.

NOTE: Naver’s event for free streaming packs will start at 10 pm KST every day. So make sure to be quick because only the first 500 can get the free streaming pack. If you weren’t able to get it, try again on the next day. Try to get the streaming pack asap while the event is still on going.

5. Go to this link: .Then click the blue button to get the free streaming pack.


6. You will see this page if you got the streaming pack successfully. Then click the green button to share it to your friends.

NOTE: If you got the free streaming pack, you can share it to 10 more people by clicking the green button then use twitter to post the link where they can get free streaming packs from you.


7. To check whether you’re doing it right, follow these steps: (open your naver music app then log in)

7 8 9

(If it shows like this, then you successfully got the streaming pack! ^^)


To those 10 people whom you will share your streaming pack with, link to them where they can get the streaming pack from you (the one you tweeted earlier.)  I

If they clicked the link they will see something like this: (click the green button to get the free streaming pack.)



NOTE: The free streaming packs only allow you to stream songs. You can’t download songs. But still streaming counts towards Infinite’s digital sales.

1. Go to you ‘Naver Music’ app and search for 인피니트


2. Click the album and choose Reality.



Now keep on streaming infinite’s songs until your streaming pack expires! ^^


(cr: @gyuyomizizi of Infinite_biased)


5 thoughts on “How to create Naver acc & get free streaming pass

  1. hi if i used my friend’s streaming pass, how do i ensure it is really streaming? Is it when the song plays more than 1 minute?


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