How to Create Mnet Accounts (Global/ Japan)

How to create MULTIPLE Mnet Accounts [TRICK]

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Register’. You can create accounts using your email, facebook, or twitter. But here is a trick to make multiple accounts. Register through your email address.
  3. Click ‘Agree All’


4. Fill in the required information with ‘*’.

– For the ID/Email, you can think of any email address that is available. Make it all the similar so it’s easy to remember, just make it vary with number.
Example:,, or
– In creating multiple dummy accounts, you can have the same passwords for all the accounts so it will be easier to remember.
– No need to fill in the mobile number.


5. No need to click all the agree buttons. You can skip it and then click ‘Next Step’.


6. After creating you account, click on the ‘Next Time’. You can skip the email confirmation process.


7. Create as many accounts as you can! Then log in using your accounts.

8. Go to Mama’s Official Site to vote for INFINITE: 

9. Tick on the box INFINITE is nominated for.
INFINITE’s Nominations:
– Best Dance Performance Male Group
– Best Music Video
– Best Collaboration and Unit (INFINITE H)
– UnionPay Song of The Year


10. Click on ‘ VOTE’.

How to create Mnet Japan Account

1. Go to

2. Click ‘Mnet Japan ログイン’


3. Click ‘無料会員登録’ to sign up.


4. Fill in the space with your email address > click the blue button.


5. Check your email address. An email verification was sent.


6. Open Mnet’s message and go to the link.


7. Fill in your information.


8. Click the blue button to confirm your mnet account.


9. Click the blue button ‘ へログイン’ to log in.


10. You can now log in with you Mnet Japan account.



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