Girl Spirit (걸스피릿 ) – Sunggyu

160719 Girl Spirit Episode 1

[ENG SUB]  FULL (by KShow123)

Part 1 (cr. ttaa23)

Part 2 (cr. ttaa23)

Part 3 (cr. ttaa23)

Sunggyu Cut Ep. 1 (cr. 김규장)

Sunggyu Cut – ‘프로 립싱커’ 성규&조세호, S.E.S 빙의 무대! ‘I’m Your Girl’♪ 걸스피릿 1회



160726 Girl Spirit Episode 2

[ENG SUB] – FULL (by KShow123) | FULL (by OnDemandKorea)

Sunggyu Cut Ep. 2 (cr. 김규장)

‘상남자’ 성규, 탁재훈에 돌직구! “무슨 생각으로 오셨어요?” 걸스피릿 2회

[미공개] 귀 호강 보장! 성규의 인생곡 ‘그것만이 내 세상’♪ LIVE 걸스피릿 2회 (Unreleased Clip)

Alternative Links (in case if videos got removed already): PART 1 | PART 2 (cr. 143)


160802 Girl Spirit Episode 3

[ENG SUB]FULL (by KShow123)


Part 1 (cr. koreavideo8)

Part 2 (cr. koreavideo8)


Sunggyu Cut Ep.3 (cr. 김규장)


160809 Girl Spirit Episode 4

[ENG SUB]FULL (by KShow123)


Part 1 (by Koreavideo2)

Part 2 (by Koreavideo2)

Sunggyu Cut Ep.4 (cr. 김규장)

Sungggyu Video Cuts (playlist)

Sunggyu ‘Girl Spirit~Play!’ Cut
Episode 1 
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4


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