How to Create a MBCplus account for Show Champion

Create a MBCplus account 

(15% of the ranking system on Show Champion is from Netizen’s votes and Infinite can gain score by voting on MBCplus’ official site)

1) Go to

2) Click ‘회원가입’ (sign up)


3) Click ‘sign up’ (for domestic and foreigner living in abroad)


4) Tick all the boxes and click the next button.


5) Enter your email address > check for the verification code > input the verification code > confirm.

46) Fill out your personal information.


(Click the ‘verify’ button to verify if your id/username can be used.)

This message will appear if your id/username can be used.


7) This page will appear if your sign up is successfully done.


8) Once you created your account, you can now vote for INFINITE. Click ‘투표하기’ three times. You can vote three times a day so make sure to use them all on INFINITE.


This will pop up if you have used all your votes already.



NOTE: You can vote 3 times per day.
Voting period: Tuesday to Sunday every week.

(cr. @gyuyomizizi of Infinite_Biased)


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