How to create MelOn acc/ Download MelOn on your phone & PC

How to create melon acc (click the image to see clearer ver):

Go to

Download Melon app for Android (Go to Settings >  Security > Click the Unknown sources to allow the installation):  Melon App For Android

Download Melon app for Iphone:

1) Go to your Iphone’s setting > Itunes & App store > Apple ID then « view apple ID » and enter your password. Click on ‘country/region’ and choose ‘대한민국 (Korea)’.


(You don’t need to change your payment type.  You will be asked to enter the security code of your credit card.  A new postcode will be asked, try 120-000 or something like that. Then any korean phone number (080 + 1234567 for example or change a number)

2) Go to the App Store and search Melon or 멜론. Then download the app.


3) Login in with your Melon acc.



4) Enter your Melon ID and password then click the ‘로그인’ button.


Now you are logged in.

Download Melon app on PC:
1. Go to
2. Click ‘멜론 플레이어’

melon pc 1

3. Then click ‘멜론 플레이어하기’ to start your download.

melon pc 2

Click here to see the tutorial on how to buy Melon Streaming pass

(cr. gyuyomizizi)


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