How to help INFINITE win on music shows

/Last updated on 160929/


    – Stream the MV only from the official site (woolliment). Music Shows do not count the views from 1theK’s channel so make sure to watch it on woollim’s official chanel.
    – You must be logged in.
    – Stream in 720p or above.
    – Watch the full MV, 30 secs doesn’t count.
    – Do not just ‘REPLAY’ or ‘REFRESH’ the page because it will be considered as spam.
    – Set the volume 50% or above. Don’t MUTE it!
    – TIP: Create a playlist of the official MV of Infinite and let the playlist play on loop. Make sure you clear your history/cookies every once in a while so that each view will still count.
    – Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the MV!
  • Watch Infinite’s performance from broadcast’s official channels like KBS | MBC | Mnet | SBS
  • Search 인피니트 on MELONDAUM, NAVER and NATE during the broadcast show.
  • Twitter – Use the hashtag #인피니트 and #태풍 .  A tweet might be marked as spam if you use more than one hashtag. Make sure your account is a public account for tweets to count.
  • Facebook –  Like, Comment and Share. Leave comments, like and share posts on Infinite Official page on Facebook: Infinite Official Facebook Page

How to Raise Infinite’s MV Youtube Views

Incognito helps in increasing the mv views.

1. Use Google Chrome. Go to Chrome Web Store. Type ‘Easy auto refresh’ on the search bar.


2. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.


3. Click ‘Add’.


4. Type ‘AdBlock’ on the search bar. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. And click ‘add’.

4 5

5. Now to allow these extensions on incognito mode, click the ‘customize and control google chrome’ then ‘more tools’ then ‘extensions’.


6. Tick the ‘allow in incognito’ boxes of the adblock and easy auto refresh extension.

8 9

7. To start using the incognito mode of your browser, (Ctrl+Shift+N). You will be directed to this page which means you’re in incognito mode already.


8. Now open Infinite’s The Eye MV on Youtube. Click the easy auto refresh button and set the time to how many seconds infinite’s MV is because you need to watch the full MV so the views will be counted. (set it to 297) Then click start. Easy auto refresh will refresh the page after the MV ends then it will automatically play again and without the ads. This will help in increasing Infinite’s MV views.

Keep on streaming! ^^


Criteria Details

Physical Sales – This is the physical album sale for both online and offline. Some music programs includes the physical sale on the show’s criteria. Some of the major charts are Gaon, Hanteo, Synnara and Hottracks. Make sure that the store you are buying from counts towards them. Here are some recommended sites where you can purchase Infinite’s Reality album:

Synnara – Normal Ed | Limited Ed
YesAsia – Normal Ed | Limited Ed
DVDHeaven – Normal Ed
KpopTown – Normal Ed
Aladdin – Normal Ed | Limited Ed 
GMarket – Normal Ed | Limited Ed

Digital Sales – Stream and download Infinite’s songs from these sites  because it will increase infinite’s Digital Scores that can help infinite win on music shows.

Melon | Bugs | Mnet | Soribada | Olleh | Monkey3 | Cyworld | Genie | Naver | Daum

Melon is Korea’s largest digital music store. It dominates over 50% of the digital market. MelOn counts their score from 40% streaming and 60% downloads whereas Soribada/Mnet/Bugs count their scores from 50% streaming and 50% downloads. Unless you pay, you will only be able to stream 1 minute previews. Listening to the previews does not count towards the chart.

STREAM & DOWNLOAD to increase Digital Sales

To help Infinite increase their digital scores on Melon, you have to download the Melon app and buy a streaming pass.

How to create melon acc (click the image to see clearer ver):

Go to
how to create melon acc

Download Melon app for Android (Go to Settings >  Security > Click the Unknown sources to allow the installation): Melon App For Android

Download Melon app for Iphone:

1) Go to your Iphone’s setting > Itunes & App store > Apple ID then « view apple ID » and enter your password. Click on ‘country/region’ and choose ‘대한민국 (Korea)’.


(You don’t need to change your payment type.  You will be asked to enter the security code of your credit card.  A new postcode will be asked, try 120-000 or something like that. Then any korean phone number (080 + 1234567 for example or change a number)

2) Go to the App Store and search Melon or 멜론. Then download the app.


3) Login in with your Melon acc.



4) Enter your Melon ID and password then click the ‘로그인’ button.


Now you are logged in.
(caps cr. @aigyu428)

Download Melon app on PC:
1. Go to
2. Click ‘멜론 플레이어’

melon pc 1

3. Then click ‘멜론 플레이어하기’ to start your download.

melon pc 2

How to buy Melon Streaming Pass:
You need to buy Streaming pass to stream songs from Melon. Streaming songs will help Infinite’s digital sales to increase. It will also help Infinite win on music shows because 50%-65% of the ranking system on music shows is from the digital sales. Without buying the streaming pass, you can’t stream the full song and streaming of the 1 minute preview doesn’t count.

Click here to see the tutorial on how to buy Melon Streaming pass (for iPhone/iPad users only)

For android users, you can’t buy the streaming pass directly. If you want to buy the streaming pass, you need someone who can help you buy the streaming pass with their iPhone/iPad then send the streaming pass to you as a gift.

How to Download Songs:
1. Search Infinite’s songs by clicking on the magnifying icon
2. Once you’ve found the song you want to listen, there are 3 options provided:
Left = Listen, Middle = Download, Right = Add to playlist
3. If you decide to listen to the song before downloading, you can do that that too. When you do that, the download button is near the top of the screen & at the far right.
(cr. 7inspired)


the show

SBS MTV THE SHOW (every Tuesday at 8pm KST)

Ranking Systems:
35% Physical Sales + Digital Sales + Social media score (Youtube MV view + SNS score)
35% Tudou MV views + paid votes (China)
15% Korea SMS voting (for nominees only)
15% China Tudou votes (for nominees only)

How to get SNS score:
Vote via hashtag on Twitter! The voting counts from Wednesday until Monday 12pm KST.
– Send mentions to @SBS_MTV with the following hashtags #더쇼 #인피니트. Always include the hashtags on your tweets.
– Don’t attach photos and avoid adding links.
– Tweet as many as you can!
Search 인피니트 on MELONDAUM, NAVER and NATE during the broadcast show.

Stream the MV on Tuduo (click the orange button beside Infinite’s name to stream): INFINITE THE EYE MV 
 This is 35% worth of The Show’s criteria.

If  Infinite is nominated for 1st, there will be SMS voting and Tuduo voting.

Live SMS voting:
– Vote during Live Show broadcast.
– Type 인피니트 then send to 00821119 / +821119 / 821119 (whichever works). International SMS charges will apply unless you use free option.
– This is 15% worth of The Show’s criteria.

show champion

MBC SHOW CHAMPION (every Wednesday at 7pm KST)

Ranking System:
50% Digital Sales (Stream & Download at Melon, Bugs, Soribada etc)
10% Physical Sales (Hottracks, Synnara, Hanteo etc)
10% Online Voting
15% Netizen popularity points
15% Professional music judges criteria

Vote through the Idol Champ App. Vote 3 times a day per ID. You may log in using an MBC acc, or through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Kakao Talk accounts. Make sure the app is always up to date.
Download Idol Champ app (Android)
Click here for the tutorial on how to create MBCplus account

Vote using MangoTv site. Go to MangoTv . You may log in using WeChat, Weibo or QQ accounts. You may VOTE EVERY 30 MINUTES PER ID. Log in using all your accounts. Vote as much as you can.
How to vote on MangoTV

Voting period: Tuesday to Sunday every week.


MNET M!COUNTDOWN (every Thursday at 6pm KST)

Ranking System:
50% Digital Music Sales Score (Mnet, Melon, Genie, Bugs)
15% Physical Album Sales Score (Hanteo Chart)
15% Social Media Score (Youtube Official MV views)
10% Popularity Score (based on preference of 1000 people)
10% Broadcast Score
10% Live Broadcast Real Time Voting Score (If nominated for 1st)


Pre Voting (voting period: Friday 2pm KST – Monday 9am KST):
Global | Japan | Korea
– Pre voting points is worth 10% of M!Countdown’s chart.

It is easy to create Mnet accounts (Global) because it’s in English already.

Click here for the tutorial on how to make Mnet Japan M!Countdown account

NOTE: You can vote on M!Countdown once per ID. Vote using using your Twitter, Facebook, and Mnet ID.

TRICK: You can fake emails to create more Mnet accs through email. No need to confirm your email. You can vote 15 times per IP address.

TIP: You can vote for more than 15 times a day by changing you IP address. Here is how:
– Turn off your modem or wifi and wait for at least 5 minutes before turn in back on again. During that 5 minutes the IP address will change automatically.
– If it doesn’t work, try turn if off at about 8 hours and see if it’s been changed.

You can check the IP address that your using, just go to
(cr.  dasoo of Infinite-Inspirit Global)

During Live broadcast:
Twitter –  use the hashtag #인피니트 . Use that hashtag only because multiple hashtags will be counted as spam.

If INFINITE is nominated for 1st:
Live SMS Voting:
– Type 인피니트 and send it to #2336 (If residing in Korea) or +822336 / 00822336 (International).
– Only one vote per mobile number is allowed.
– VOTE ONCE! Otherwise vote will be void..
– Do not use any sites to send free SMS!
– The MC will cue us when we can start voting.
– This is worth 10% of M!Countdown’s criteria.

– Real-time voting during live broadcast.
– Voting period : During MCOUNTDOWN Live Broadcast


KBS MUSIC BANK (every Friday at 6:30 pm KST)

Ranking Systems:
65% Digital sales (Melon is 36.9%, Bugs-Mnet-Olleh are 6.4% and Soribada is 5%)
20% Broadcast points (How often KBS TV or radio plays their MVs or songs)
10% Viewer’s Rating (The audience votes for their favorites. Please stream the live broadcast on KBS World TV Official Youtube: Music Bank and send lots of messages during the show broadcast.)
5% Physical sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks etc.)


MBC MUSIC CORE (every Saturday at 3:50 pm KST)

Ranking System:
60% Digital Sales + Physical sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hottracks) + (Melon, Soribada, Bugs etc)
15% Viewers’ pre-votes (voting through MBC’s website, voted by a committee of 2000 people)
10% Official Music Video views (From Woollim Channel only-Must be Official Channel)
15% Live votes (only for top 3 nominees)

You will need a MBC account to vote for Infinite on Music Core.
Voting Period: Wednesday 10am KST – Thursday 12pm KST
Vote here: Music Core Online Voting
NOTE: You can vote 4 songs per ID so make sure to vote for INFINITE and 3 other songs.

Click here to see the tutorial on how to create a MBC account / How to vote for INFINITE on Music Core

Live SMS voting
– There will be live sms voting if INFINITE is on the top 3 nominees.
– Will be done during the broadcast and the MC will signal when can the fans start sending their votes. Only one vote per mobile number.
– Type 인피니트 and send it to #0505 (if residing in Korea) or +820505 / 00820505 (international).
– International SMS charges will apply.
– Do not use any sites to send free SMS!.
– This is worth 15% of Music Core’s criteria.

SBS INKIGAYO (every Sunday at 3:30pm KST)

Ranking Systems:
55% Digital Sales (Gaon Digital Chart)
35% SNS points (Official MV YouTube views, Twitter, Gaon Social Chart)
10% Live voting (only for top 3 nominees; SMS voting + online voting)
5% Physical album sales (Gaon Chart)
5% Pre-voting (it’s done through MelOn voting & requires a Korean’s cell phone number)

How to get SNS score (35% of Inkigayo’s criteria):

Live SMS Voting
– There will be live sms voting if INFINITE is on the top 3 nominees.
– Will be done during the broadcast and the MC will signal when can the fans start sending their votes. Only one vote per mobile number.
– Type 인피니트 and send it to #1245 (if residing in Korea) or +821245 / 00821245 (international).
– International SMS charges will apply.
– Do not use any sites to send free SMS!..
– This is worth 10% of Inkigayo’s criteria.

*Inkigayo had some changes on online voting. Now the voting is not done through the SOTY or M&TVTalk app but through MelOn. And only korean fans can vote because it requires a Korean phone number.

Inkigayo Online Voting:
 Requires Korean phone number.
– You can vote 3 songs per id.
Voting period: Monday – Saturday

[All the information are written and collected by @gyuyomizizi . Please give proper credits if anything will be taken outside. This is made for INFINITE/INSPIRITS only. If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment here or mention me on twitter.]


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